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Participation in COP22 - Marrakesh 2016

Participation of GGCC in COP22 of UNFCCC

The UPC GGCC delegation at COP22

The UPC GGCC delegation at COP22 was made up of Olga Alcaraz, Josep Lluis Salazar, Laia Segura, Gisela Torrents and Josep Xercavins

 Inside the bus going from Grande Place to the COP22 recint


GGCC participation in COP 22

Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 November

Open meetings with state parties and observer organizations to create a "Platform of countries and observer organizations to influence in the implementation of the climate and development agendas together".


Josep Xercavins, Mariama Williams, Diego Pacheco i Olga Alcaraz


Friday 11 November: Side Event OME & GGCC UPC



Saturday 12 November: Side Event Plan Bleu