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Our proposal - Our fact sheets

The Carbon Budgets that will prevent the average temperature of the earth's surface from increasing by more than 2ºC when compared with the temperature of the pre-industrial era
Global Carbon Budget & Climate Justice
The concepts of Global Carbon Budget and Climate Justice
Global Carbon Budget: INDCs evaluation
The analysis of the INDCs from the perspective of the Global Carbon Budget and the Model of Climate Justice
Global Carbon Budget and Climate Justice: Groups of Countries Analysis
The results of our Model of Climate Justice per capita applied to Groups of Countries
Fact sheet COP22: Mediterranean 2ºC reference scenarios
The translation of the world 2ºC reference scenarios to the Mediterranean countries
Towards 2nd NDCS: Joint implementation of climate and development agendas
Fact sheet presented at COP23 Fiji - Bonn
Equity, differentiation and SDG in the PA implementation. Text Proposals
Fact sheet presented in May 2018